Zero Health Fund Out of Pocket Expenses for Dental Examination and X-Rays
and Only Just $85.00 for New Patients

Here at CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare, we believe in spending the time with you on your examination appointment to welcome and get to know you better and then do your thorough dental examination. During this 1 hour long appointment, we will discuss with you any concerns that you may have and talk about any other dental enquiries or services you may like to know more about.

We take digital x-rays in order to determine if there is anything underlying the tooth which is not visible to the naked eye, such as decay, fractures or abscesses.

We have a very friendly team and extremely gentle and experienced dentists who will treat you as an individual, in a caring and understanding manner.

As a caring team of health professionals, we know the importance of regular dental visits and so to assist our community to maintain their oral health, we offer a very affordable New Patient Examination cost to encourage people to see us sooner, rather than later when problems and pain are experienced.

For just $85.00 for New Patients, you will have a Comprehensive Examination together with digital x-rays. If you are in a Health Fund, then this will be Gap Free.

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Preferred Providers

Here at CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare, we are affiliated with and are the Preferred Providers for most Major Health Funds.

Being a Preferred Health Fund Provider ensures that you receive your maximum allowable dental benefit making treatment very affordable and this means less out of pocket expenses to you than at non-preferred provider practices.

CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare are also Partners with Smile.com.au which can save you up to 40% off your dental treatment and can be used in conjunction with Health funds. Please visit Smile.com.au for further details on savings, or call our friendly reception team to enquire about this.

We also understand the everyday financial commitments of people and offer interest free treatment payment plans to best suit individual needs and so that the cost of treatment can be budgeted and spread over a period of time, which is convenient and a preferred option for many people.

Preferred Provider - All Major Health Funds

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