We live in the age of social media, where we take dozens of selfies every day and want Instagram worthy flawless smiles. However, the majority of us do not have perfectly aligned straight teeth, some of us have crooked teeth, and some have large gaps in between teeth, whilst some of us have teeth protruding out of our natural jaw structure. This is where orthodontics, braces and clear aligners can help.

Orthodontics is an affiliate of dentistry that fixes and restores the alignment and position of the teeth and jaw to its appropriate location. Therefore, orthodontics acts as a catalyst to obtain beautiful straight teeth and a natural smile.

Whatever the reason for an individual's unbalanced smiles, or asymmetrical smile/teeth, it can cause hindrance in maintaining good oral health care, possibly even causing premature gum diseases and tooth decay. Further adverse effects of misaligned teeth can include headaches due to excessive pressure on the chewing muscles, malformed teeth that can make your smile unattractive and possibly even cause low self-esteem in some individuals. Positive effects of orthodontics is a healthy mouth, strong and durable teeth and a beautiful smile.

Children, teenagers and adults are getting orthodontics done to improve their appearance and achieve the look they have always wanted. Resulting in improved oral health and better performance of teeth and jaw.

With the experience of many years, our dentists help the patient understand whether or not orthodontic treatments will be suitable for them. Before doing any procedures we do a full assessment of your diagnosis to gauge your dental health condition. After studying your complete medical history and clinical exam, we then perform various x-rays and make a plaster study model of your teeth. After all the necessary precautionary and evaluation steps we suggest your orthodontics treatment best suited to your needs.

Our experienced dentists at CoastWide Smiles have a special interest in a wide range of removable and fixed orthodontics such as braces, fixed space maintainers for babies, specially fixed appliances for infants, invisible orthodontic aligners, removable space maintainers, jaw repositioning appliances and palatal expanders.

Teeth Braces are the most common type of orthodontics used for teeth straightening. Our trusted and chosen brands which manufacture high quality traditional braces, invisible braces and clear braces are Clear Correct and Invisalign. Braces are adjusted over a period of time to achieve desired results.

Another common invisible orthodontic is invisible aligners. They are basically an alternative to traditional braces for grown-ups. In addition to being invisible, aligners provide the convenience of removing them whilst eating and brushing.

A perfect and charming smile can also enhance your self esteem and boost confidence. The results of all orthodontic treatments are certainly worth the investment. CoastWide Smiles has extremely skilled and qualified dentists, who perform all procedures with utmost care, making the whole experience smooth and spreading dazzling smiles to all those living on the Sunshine Coast.

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Here at CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare, we are affiliated with and are the Preferred Providers for most Major Health Funds.

Being a Preferred Health Fund Provider ensures that you receive your maximum allowable dental benefit making treatment very affordable and this means less out of pocket expenses to you than at non-preferred provider practices.

CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare are also Partners with Smile.com.au which can save you up to 40% off your dental treatment and can be used in conjunction with Health funds. Please visit Smile.com.au for further details on savings, or call our friendly reception team to enquire about this.

We also understand the everyday financial commitments of people and offer interest free treatment payment plans to best suit individual needs and so that the cost of treatment can be budgeted and spread over a period of time, which is convenient and a preferred option for many people.

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